Sarfaq Ittuk, Greenland

In contrast to cruise ships, the distinctive characteristic of a mailboat is that it serves a functional purpose: the transport of goods and passengers to ports that, generally speaking, are difficult or impossible to access overland. That applies even more to Greenland, where there are no roads or highways between the scanty few settlements. Of course flying is possible, but expensive. That`s why the mailboat is a much used and crucial means of transport for the 55,000 Greenlanders.
The mailboat covers a distance of almost 1600 kilometres between Qaqortoq in the south via Nuuk, the capital - to Ilulissat, which lies halfway along Greenland`s western coast. Nine more ports are called into on the way and the whole roundtrip takes one week. Only one boat is in operation - the Sarfaq Ittuk - which sails all year round except for January, February and March and transports passengers only.