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LVIV, LWOW, LEMBERG - LVIV, LVOV, LWOW, LEMBERG In October 2012, when I paid Lviv, a city in Western Ukraine, a six-day visit, the city had a great impact on me. It is an extraordinary city with an impressive and dramatic history and a beautiful urban structure. I decided to start a photo project about it together with journalist Michiel Driebergen, urban planner Kees van Ruyven and philosopher Ruud Meij. After two years of taking photographs and talking to people the book Lviv, city of paradoxes came out in September 2014 with the subtitle: perspectives between beauty and drama. Michiel Driebergen focused on the history of Lviv. It is a city in which Hitler and Stalin were given free rein, resulting in a systematic destruction of the Central-European culture. Most residents were expelled or murdered. Yet the buildings have been miraculously salvaged. Kees van Ruyven wrote an essay about the city itself, its structure and its qualities. The third essay, by Ruud Meij, deals with the corruption in Lviv and Lviv’s future. Herman Zonderland made a unique map supplement.
AROUND THE NORTH SEA - The photo book Around the North Sea was released in September 2012. It is published on my own account. 200 pages / 110 photos / 30x24 cm / hardcover edition / 1000 copies. Price: € 35,--. There was a lot of attention for this book in the Dutch paper `de Volkskrant` and in the Belgian paper `De Morgen`. In the Netherlands were several exhibitions, including the photo festival Naarden. See the website: See also: - (Search at bookstore – Dolph Kessler).
ART FAIRS - Since 2006 I have been taking photos for this subject in large museums and at important art fairs like Frieze Art Fair London, Art Cologne, Art Amsterdam, Art Dubai, Art Basel, etc. It resulted in two photobooks and some other projects, which are shown here.
POD PHOTO BOOKS - I think photos are best looked at in photo books. In this category you see a number of photo books printed on demand in a limited edition. See also: - (Search at bookstore – Dolph Kessler).
COMMISSIONED - An overview of projects made in commission for photo books and magazines.
TRAVEL - More of my travel photography can be seen at