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While visiting Lviv for 6 days in oktober 2012 this city in the Western Ukrain had a strong impact on me. It is an extraordinary city with an impressive and dramatic history and still a beautiful urban structure. It is a city between beauty and drama. All this made me decide to start a photoproject about Lviv. I work together with Michiel Driebergen, journalist, and Kees van Ruyven, cityplanner.

Michiel Driebergen will write an essay on the history of the inhabitants of Lviv. The city was polish before the war and was called Lwow then, the city was once a rich city in the Habsburg empire with many Jews inhabitants and was called Lemberg. Important focal point in this essay will be the issues of the “bloodlands” (Timothy Snyder), the fact that Lemberg / Lwow / Lviv has had to deal with both Hitler and Stalin.

2. The second essay will be about the city itself, its structure, its qualities by Kees van Ruyven

3. A third essay will be writen by Ruud Meij and is about corruption in Lviv / Oekraine and about the future of Lviv.
Dolph kessler - The city
Dolph kessler - From above
Dolph kessler - The jews of Lemberg
Dolph kessler - the Polish and Ukranian people
Dolph kessler - People of Lviv
Dolph kessler - During and after Maidan
Dolph kessler - The Sofjet parts of the city
Dolph kessler - Churches of Lviv
Dolph kessler - Portraits in busses and trams